Superior Natural Quality

The Blue Lake Process® preserves 85% – 90% of the natural hop qualities created by nature. The physical integrity of the hop cone and all of the bittering and aroma properties of your favorite hop varietals remain following The Blue Lake Process®. Traditional methods of drying and pelletizing hops create a loss of the bittering and aroma qualities of natural hops. The drying, crushing and extruding process used to create pellets creates heat which degrades or removes the valuable compounds within the hop cones. The Blue Lake Process® preserves all of the properties of fresh, off the bine hops.

Rich Flavor

As a result of The Blue Lake Process®, our hops preserve all of the flavors associated with your favorite hop varietals. Enjoy the rich and complex hops flavors you come to expect within your harvest ales year-round, with The Blue Lake Process®.

Complex Aroma

As a result of The Blue Lake Process®, our hops preserve all the aroma of fresh off the bine hops. Any brewer knows there is nothing more satisfying than crushing a handful of fresh hops between your palms and inhaling the pungent aroma that previously could only be found in freshly picked hops. The Blue Lake Process® seals in the aroma of fresh-picked wet hops for you to enjoy all year long.

Clean and Clear Beer

The Blue Lake Process® preserves the shape of the hop cone allowing for easy removal of spent hops after the boil. Pelletized hops cannot be easily removed before fermentation and thus tend to soak up some of the wort and increase the amount of sediment left in the bottom of the fermenter at the end of fermentation. The result is less beer and a greater chance of sediment ending up in your final product.

More For Your Money

Hops that have undergone The Blue Lake Process® give you more hops for your money compared to pelletized hops. More hops, more flavor, more aroma.

Brewing or Evaluating


Great Fermentations
5127 E 65th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Sawyers Brewing Company
4574 Dowling St.
Montague, MI 49437

Siciliano’s Market
2840 Lake Michigan Dr. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Brewers Edge Homebrew Supply 
650 Riley St
Holland, MI 49424

Go 2 Homebrew Supply
3371 McCracken St.
Muskegon, MI 49441

O’Connors Home Brew Supply
619 Lyon St. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Breweries that have used our product

Sawyers Brewing Company
Pigeon Hill Brewing Company
Eastern Market Brewing
Harbor Light Brewing Company

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