“Just a general comment that I really enjoyed brewing with these hops and have almost gone back to Sicilianos to pick up another package of them. The only reason I haven’t is that I didn’t want to stop other people from getting to try it and take the survey. I’d love to see these in stock somewhere in the future.”
Paul (Home Brewer, Grand Rapids, MI)

“The hop flavor and aroma were rich and pungent from these hops. Their bittering qualities may have been a bit less evident, however, I added my hops late so a lack of bitterness may have been due to time of hop additions.”
Brendon (Home Brewer, Muskegon, MI)

“I brewed an Oktoberfest and my hop schedule was 8 oz at 60 min, 8 oz at 20 min and 4 oz at 5 min. I also thawed them out before I brewed. Ok first the positive, the aroma was outstanding better than dry hops. The negative, the nylon mesh bag broke open in the boil, so get rid of that I’ll use a Muslim sock. Last thing would maybe add some literature about how to equate dry hops to wet hops. I make 5-gallon batches and the size you give works on most varieties except I would think on an IPA, Just my 2 cents.

Overall, I can’t wait to try this beer based on the smell, I don’t really know what the IBU’s will be but if it tastes good then that’s all that matters right.”
Tom (Home Brewer, Whitehall, MI)

“Wow! From start to finish I was really impressed! The aroma of the hops was very fresh, and the bag is so convenient. I can’t wait to brew with more varieties and sizes. Thanks, Blue Lake Hops, Cheers!”
Corby (Home Brewer, North Muskegon, MI)

“I love these hops. I could smell them as soon as I opened the package. I noticed that they were still wet and had a good aroma just like my own hops when I harvest. I like the ready-made bag it was nice to have it ready to go, but I would like to see a cloth bag in place of a plastic one. It would be nice to be able to get Amarillo and Centennial in the future”
Jackob (Home Brewer, Whitehall, MI)

“Less complex in the flavor profile but brought earthy tones that you wouldn’t see in a pelletized hop addition.” “The aroma seemed sweeter during boil then a pelletized Cascade addition.”
Michael (Home Brewer, North Muskegon, MI)