Michigan Mackinac™* 2020



Michigan Mackinac™ was among the first new cultivar to be released from the GLH trials and breeding program in 2014.  It has gained traction and praise across the United States since and has only increased in demand.  Michigan Mackinac™ has flavors and aromas of tropical fruit, citrus, melon, papaya and spice. (*™ of Great Lakes Hops)

Package Size: 1.0 Kilo/2.2 lbs/35.2 ounces  [price = 43¢ per ounce]

*Not to be consumed raw. Intended for use in boiled brewing methods.

This is a product that is shipped frozen with a reusable ice pack and reusable foam cooler.

Expect to use this product within 48 hours of receipt or re-freeze for later use.