Michigan Hop #2* 2021



*** Five months after the purchase of this variety of hops from an authorized grower, Great Lakes Hops of Zeeland, Michigan requested that we withdraw the use of the name of this hop and the notice of Great Lakes Hops trademark of this variety.  

We have done so.  

The profile of this hop variety remains accurate and documented by our third-party testing laboratory.

We believe it is a notable variety for brewers.

Michigan Hop #2 is the proud beginning of an entire movement, an industry shift that may very well revitalize what it means to commercially grow hops for Midwest Hop growers.

Aromas Identified by Brewers 
Herbal, Peach, Pear, Dank, Tropical, Cotton Candy, Mint, Papaya, Spice, Chamomile, Catty, Spicy Berry, Jolly Rancher, Bubble Gum, lily, Rich Melon.

(* of Great Lakes Hops)

*Not to be consumed raw. Intended for use in boiled brewing methods.

This is a product that is shipped frozen with a reusable ice pack and reusable foam cooler.

Expect to use this product within 48 hours of receipt or re-freeze for later use.


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