The Blue Lake Process®

Terroir…As Never Before!

Home and Craft Brewers have created a 21st Century realization of how brewing originated across Europe over the centuries. Local ingredients begot local brewing. Local brewers begot popular local brews.

The Blue Lake Process™ is a 21st Century technique to deliver hops to Brewers that produce brewing characteristics of the annual local growing conditions. Terroir!

Vintners have adapted to the challenge of year-to-year growing conditions in specific regions and locations. They have learned to create a demand for the production of particular vineyards while using their talents and knowhow to handle the unique growing conditions of each year.

So, it is that Blue Lakes Hops has created a unique processing method that can preserve the TERROIR of any grown hop.

Our goal is to provide as pure and natural as possible a processed hop product that allows Brewers to create the freshness of Harvest Brewing all year long.

Jim and Linda Schlichting
Blue Lake Hops
Twin Lake, Michigan